Friday, January 4, 2013

Color Club Swatches - Scented Edition!

Hey guys, so today I have 2 swatches for you from Color Club. I got these colours from my roommate for Christmas and the thing that sets them apart is that they're scented!!

Well, at least one of them is, I'm not entirely sure if the other one is supposed to be, because I can't really smell anything. This is called Very Berry, and it's mid-dark red. And it smells like, can you guess? That's right, berries!

It's a beautiful colour on its own, and application was very easy. Here I'm using 2 coats, but you could probably get away with only one if you wanted too. 

I like that it's slightly glittery, but not really at the same time. And this is a really nice in-between red. Not to mention, smelling your nails every once in a while and have it be berries is just kinda awesome!

Now the other Color Club shade is more of a top coat I imagine, it's called Snowflake and it's medium size pieces of white glitter in different sizes, all of this in a sheer base. Here I have it layered over Very Berry and you can't really tell it's on. 

I had a really hard time capturing exactly the effect of this polish, because it kinda captures the light and colour of the polish under it and then sorta brings different tons of it. This is one of the best ones I could take that best describes it. 

Here's a picture of the bottle, where you can sorta see what type of flakey glitter it is. 

What are your thoughts on scented polish? Have any favourite scents out there?

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