Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Stamping Time!!

"Guess who's back?? BACK AGAIN?? Polishing it Up is back, TELL A FRIEND."

On the contrary to popular beliefs, no, I am not dead! And have not forgotten about this poor little blog. I have, instead, been working at a Summer Camp for most of the Summer and because of that have had little to no time to breathe, let alone to dedicate to doing nails.

In fact, I've survived these past months with all of 3 (count them, three) different polishes.

I can't start to say how hard and frustrating it is to only have 3 colours to work with, especially when you want to do a bunch of creative stuff but don't have any of your gear. First world problems of a nail fanatic, haha. I did take some pics of what I came up with, maybe I'll do a post about that eventually.

But, that aside, on to today's nail art!!