Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Splash of Flower, Fleck of Gold!!

So I have this really bad habit of thinking that the best time to play nails is around 10pm at night. It's usually when I'm showered and in PJs and just lounging around my house and not really in the mood to go to bed yet, but not in the mood to study either. I pick out a TV show episode to watch and I start painting.

Perfectly logical if the manicure you're planning on doing takes 30mins - 1hr. For some unknown reason to me, every time I start doing something at 10pm I will most likely find myself only posting it at 2am. Which is the case now. I get distracted by my TV show, I don't like the nail and do it 5 times over and those are also the days where I don't really know if I like the final result or not.

That's the case with today's design;

I've been play with my new Bundle Monster stamping plates, this one is from plate BM-205. I initially did a dark base and wanted to add China Glaze's Cranberry Splash over it, and it worked, but the red was so hard to see I decided to scrap that idea and go with a clearer base.

The base is 2 coats of Revlon's Renda, and for those that know Cranberry Splash, when you stamp it, it's much more of a pinkish tone than the bright red we're used to. In the picture below you can see the right colour, I quite liked it.

And since I had time to play (and wanted to watch another TV episode!) I decided to add some details. All of them are my normal go-to polishes, the gold is A England "Holy Grail (Old Edition)", while the black/grayish is Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer", and the silver is Sally Hansen "Celeb City". Again, not entirely sure if I love it yet...

I freehanded them on with a striping brush. I also added a layer of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "Diamonds", which is a sheer base full of micro white glitter, to my accent nail. Just to check it out, not in love, by that's how you find out what works and what doesn't!

I'm quite proud of my stamping skills, they're slowly - but surely - improving and I can't wait to play with some more Bundle Monster plates and share with you guys!

Do you have any favourite stamps that I must try out??

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