Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Glow in the Dark Stamping Time!!

Hey guys! So it's been a while, I'm stilly getting in the hang of classes starting, job picking up again and having time to play nails. But the good thing is that since I'm back home, I've gotten a lot of real cool nail mail, and today I'm going to show you one of them!

Now, this wonderful polish is called Day Glow and it's by Serum N˚5. As you can see it's a clear pale yellow, and has a rather eerie look. Now, what about it gives it this cool effect??

IT'S GLOW IN THE DARK!! I promise I'll post pictures of it working, but before that, I wanted to also point out the pattern that I've chosen to use over Day Glow.

Another thing that I got in the mail, was my first ever Bundle Monster package!! Now, I already own a stamping kit that I got from Born Pretty Store, but I've been hearing so much about Bundle Monster that I knew I just had to get my hands on them.

And boy was I ecstatic to play with them!! They were 25 plates from the 2011 collection and all the designs were awesome. I'll probably do a much better review of them in the future, but for now, know that I used one of the four designs from plate BM-222.

I used Sally Hansen Black Heart for the stamping, topped it off with Revlon Quick Dry.

Isn't this just the coolest thing ever? I'm still getting the hang of stamping properly, learning the best techniques and whatnot, but whenever I manage to successfully stamp a pattern I get so giddy!

But, not only was my reason for choosing to stamp because I had just gotten new toys, but also, because I saw this awesome post by Chalkboard Nails about the combo of stamping and glow in the dark polishes...

And let's admit it, it's a pretty AWESOME EFFECT isn't it?!? I mean, not only is the Day Glow polish one of the most amazing glow in the darks out there, but just look how cool it looks with the stamp pattern on it!! I was SO happy with how these turned out.

And really, it's such an easy design if you think about it! Sorry this last picture is so out of focus, I'm still getting the hang of taking pictures of glow in the dark, but if anything you can see how bright the colour is!!

If you're really interested in knowing more about this polish, you can always check out Chalkboard Nails post (I know, I'm obsessed with Sarah's blog, she's amazing!) about the Day Glow, it's how I found out about it and just knew I had to get my hands on it.

You can buy Day Glow by Serum N˚5 on etsy, as well as liking the Facebook page to find out about updates and etc. And you can buy a 15ml bottle for $12.00 - I suggest you act fast if you're interested, this sells out like crazy!

As for the Bundle Monster pack, check out their website for some more stamping packs, you can get the 2011 Collection for $21.99. Again, I promise a better review of this as soon as possible!

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