Friday, January 18, 2013

Running in Blue Bells Starboard

Hey guys, I know, I know, the title makes no sense - yet! But it will once you keep reading on.

Today's post is all about the beautiful polishes that my darling friend Mandi got for me for Christmas! She knows me so well! She also got me a whole bunch of other polishes that I've yet to swatch, but that's another post! 

So, knowing my love for polish and China Glaze, Mandi was kind enough to send me Blue Bells Ring which is from the Holiday Joy 2012 Collection and I've been dying to get my hands on. Surprisingly enough it's a lot bluer that the bottle makes it out to be, a deep beautiful blue though.

And the beautiful green is called Starboard and isn't it the most amazing tone ever? It's just the right calming shade of green that is still noticeable, but not over the top "BAM GREEN NAILS!"

Both polishes were superb to work with, as most China Glaze polishes are, this was 2 coats of each.

Along with the mentioned polishes above, Mandi also sent me Running in Circles, not knowing I had purchased my own copy of it. But let's be honest, there is never enough of this polish, it's the most amazing green ever - you can see me rave about it on my swatch post here.

So I played around with it a bit, freehanded some attempts at vines onto the blue, and then from the blue tip details, since I'm still riding my Bundle Monster high, I stamped on the tips with Blue Bells Rings.

It actually worked surprisingly well as a stamping polish, I was pleasantly surprised. Starboard is a slight too light, in my opinion. All in all I'm quite pleased with how this came out, the colours really work well with each other and they're all beautiful shades that can be worn by themselves too.

Funny enough, it only dawned on me after that my nails had become the very colours of the Canucks, which is Vancouver's hockey team. Right on time for the start of the hockey season again - now that's timing!

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