Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoya Color Cuties Collection Review - Part 2

Hello, today I have Part II of Zoya Color Cuties Collection review and swatch post, I'm excited to finish showing these to you, hopefully you're just as excited after Part I.

Audrina, Happi, Shelby & Lo

Zuza, Gilda & Tanzy

Today I will be talking about these awesome 7 polishes, click read more to see swatches!

Audrina - This is a beautiful dark hot pink creme. I'm not that big a fan of pink, but this colour is beautiful to look at the creme just gives it the most beautiful finish. 

Shelby  - This is a light, pink creme that glides on effortless and gives you the perfect dainty spring girly look. Like I previously said, pink isn't my go-to colour, but I think it's a beautiful shade. 

Lo - This is one of my favourites, mostly because I can't seem to make up my mind in regards to the colour of it, it's a peach/salmon type and I really like how bright it is! It's a perfect fun Summer colour!

Happi  - Last, but not least from the pinks, this is my favourite out of the polishes so far. Like Lo, it's a peach coloured, but the shimmer gives it a really different shine - again, perfect for Summer. 

My only problem with this one was that it was rather streaky, as you can sorta tell from my ring finger 

Gilda  - Still in the same colour category, but different is this pretty red, almost jelly-like in it's consistency shimmer. It's not enough to be a glitter - which is great for removal, but it still has a fun spark/shine to it. Not my favourite formula-wise, but I do enjoy the colour.

Tanzy - Another in the shimmer category, this rich orange shimmer is beautiful! The different sparkles in the polish make it shine in the light, which gives it a really nice look. 

Zuza - This is by far my favourite out of the whole collection! It's a shimmer teal sort of colour, that's very unique, I don't remember seeing it around. Unlike the previous two shimmer polishes, this one is much more subtle, which makes the effect even more special. 

 Some general notes on all the Polishes: They all had amazing coverage, all of these were 2 coats, but if you were too apply a thick enough layer, one would be enough, especially for Blu.

 All the bottles were 0.25oz and they all come with the most adorable coordinated polka-dot boxes (which you can see here). Application is super simple, the brush is medium sized and easy to handle, removal is also very smooth.

You can find them on for as low as $3 if you buy all 12, or $5 for individual bottles. It's a limited time only, so you might not find them, though they do sell the same polishes in bigger sizes (0.50oz) for $8. Or you can find them at Nail Polish Canada, for $5,75 ea. or all 12 shades for $49!

And there you have it, all of Zoya's Color Cutie Collection polishes. I'm still super in love with all of these shades, and you can expect to see some Nail Art with them in the future!

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