Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nail Growth Progress!! Loving Bliss Kiss Oil.

Remember my post on December 28th about growing my nails out and how I was trying out a new AMAZING nail oil?? Well here are some more updates of my nails, beware though, pictures after the cut are NSFW - Naked Nails!! Hahaha...I'm hilarious. 

Onto what matters!!

LOOK AT MY LITTLE BIGGIE PRETTIES!! I am so so proud of them and myself for getting them to this length, it took a bit, but now I have the length I've always wanted, I never had them so long before and it's kinda weird, but I also love it!!

And it's all thanks to this AWESOME OIL GEL FROM BLISSKISS!!! Now I've already raved about this on my previous post, so I won't do that, I just wanted to show you guys some progress.

And below is a growth chart so you can see the difference!!

What is your go-to nail care?? What do you do to make your nails uber strong??

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