Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zoya Color Cuties Collection Review - Part 1

Hey guys, so here's what I've been dying to share with you for a while now! I was browsing Nail Polish Canada the other day and I couldn't help it, I saw their sale on Zoya Color Cuties Collection and I just did it, I bought all 12 shades!!

"Spring just got even more colorful with Zoya ColorCuties! The Zoya Color Experts selected 12 best-selling Spring inspired shades to offer in an adorable mini size (0.25oz) with a coordinating polka-dot box, for a limited time." - Zoya Website

Today I'll be talking about; Arizona, Pippa, Neely, Yummy and Blu.

"Best described as a bright citrus orange with a muted cream finish. 
This orange is bright but also very soft, giving it a fun, orange sherbet-like look on the nails."

Arizona - This is a beautiful creme orange colour. It really pops on your nails, and while personally I didn't think I was much fond of this shade on my nails, I'm quite liking it!

"Best described as an ultra-bright, sunny and cheerful medium 
lemon yellow creme that will surely light up a room."

Pippa - This is one of my favourites out of the collection! I have a thing for yellows, but it's very hard to find one that works with my complexion and this is one that certainly does that! Not too bright, it still packs a punch of colour with a nice creme finish to it. 

"Best described as a full coverage earliest spring green in a glossy creme finish. A fun color in a muted finish gives 
a cool vintage edge to your look.  Originally created as a custom runway shade for fashion designer Peter Som." 

Neely - I find that the best way to describe this polish is a mixture of light green and greyish. Since it's not very bright, this sutil tone makes it a good polish for work environments at more subsided occasions  Doesn't really do anything for me, but it applied well. 

"Best described as a bright, cheerful robin's egg blue in a milky creme finish. 
A sweet sky-blue that pops on both deep and pale skin tones."

Yummy - You might recognize this one from my previous post, it's a beautiful creme blue shade. It really reminds me of the blue skies we get during the Spring/Summer. Definitely in the top 5 for me!

"Best described as a full-coverage,soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish.
 A dreamy, calmingblue that's both fun and flattering on the nails."

Blu - Much like Neely, I feel like this one is a very light shade of blue, maybe with a tint of grey. Like the one before, I've used this for one of my previous posts. I can't complain, it's sutil but also more attractive than the greenish toned. Perfect for making you feel dainty and very feminine. 

Some general notes on all the Polishes: They all had amazing coverage, all of these were 2 coats, but if you were too apply a thick enough layer, one would be enough, especially for Blu

All the bottles were 0.25oz and they all come with the most adorable coordinated polka-dot boxes (which you can see in the first picture). Application is super simple, the brush is medium sized and easy  to handle, removal is also very smooth.  

You can find them on Zoya.com for as low as $3 if you buy all 12, or $5 for individual bottles. It's a limited time only, so you might not find them, though they do sell the same polishes in bigger sizes (0.50oz) for $8. Or you can find them at Nail Polish Canada, for $5,75 ea. or all 12 shades for $49!

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