Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sally Hansen's Ruby Do: Stud Style

I'm baaaaaaaack!!! That's right folks, after a month (Oh God, it's been so long, I'm such a bad person!) I'm finally back to updating my dear blog. On the contrary of what you thought, I didn't forget or abandon this, the truth is real life got very much in the way! I'm a theatre student, and I've spent the last month working as a Stage Manager for a Dance Show. It consumed 150% of my life!! 

But, now I'm back and I'm full of fun ideas that I can share with you guys again. There's some really interesting things happening in the nail world and nothing like spending a month doing artsy things to bring out the more creative side! Now enough talk, have some nails!

Today's look is really simple, but I'm quite fond of it. I've been really into stud designs lately and this is one of them. I've promised myself that I wasn't allowed to buy any new polish until I've used at least once all the ones I already had - so hard, right?!

And that's how today's look came about. This beautiful rich dark purple colour is called Ruby Do by Sally Hansen. It's a smooth dark shade that looks black depending on the way you look at it. I'm not sure why I didn't use it before, but I'm really fond of it! 

The studs are from Born Pretty Store, I attached them while the 2nd coat was still wet, using a toothpick dipped in clear polish to pick up the studs and arrange them in random shapes. Topped it all off with Revlon Quick Dry.

I really like how studs spice up an otherwise simple look, and I've slowly gotten better at not picking the studs off!! What's your favourite look to make with studs?? Any favourite combinations??

Sorry again for not updating in such a long time, but now I'm back and everyone who checked while I was out, you guys are rockstars!!!

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