Friday, December 14, 2012

Deck the Halls with Glequins and Rhinestones!!


So I've finally reached the point in my holidays where I have enough time to just do nothing but play nails all day, so that's what I've been doing!!

This manicure was inspired by one I did on my friend Jenn at Girl's Night.

The polishes used were China Glaze Running in Circles from the Cirque do Soleil collection, mixed with Winter Holly from the Holiday 2012 collection.
The gold base is A England Holy Grail (Old Version) and I used glequins for the mistletoe and tree decorations, as well as star rhinestones, both from Born Pretty Store. I went for the glequins as opposed to normal rhinestones because I knew if I had too many bumpy things on my nails I'm more likely to pick at them.

I did 2 coats of Holy Grail, and then dabbed the mistletoe and christmas trees using my striping brush. I then put clear coat over the designs and used my dotting tool to apply both the glequins and the rhinestones.

Topped that all off with 2 coats of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

I really like how Christmasey this is, but at the same time, it's super colorful!! The design on my index finger is my attempt at Sammy's from The Nailasaurus Glequins Tutorial. They didn't end up as straight as hers, but I think it was a good first attempt!

Happy Holidays Countdown!! 

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