Friday, December 21, 2012

Cirque du Soleil Inspired Look - Part 2: Nails!!

Just a quick note before I get ahead with today's post, I just wanted to tell you guys about Algae Veronica's AWESOME end of year giveaway that I've entered. You can find out a lot more about it by clicking here. I'm really excited about it!!

If you haven't heard about her yet, I really recommend you check some of her nail designs out, they're the coolest things ever, and I'm incredibly jealous of her talent!!

But now, post! So after promising this for a while, I've finally gotten around to the Cirque du Soleil inspired nail art that I've been talking about. As you know from my previous post, I went to see Amaluna a couple of days ago, and along with the rainbow makeup I just HAD to create an appropriate nail design too!!

I was inspired by the new China Glaze Cirque collection, by mostly, I was inspired by the Amaluna posters themselves. I really liked the mixture of colours they had going on.


For the peacock feather on my ring finger, I started with a base of A Englad Holy Grail (Old Edition), and then freehanded with my striping brush the feathers with China Glaze Running in Circles, Water You Waiting For and Sally Hansen Celeb City. 

The gradient glitter was done also with Running in Circles and Water You Waiting For, as well as Sally Hansen's Hot Magenta and Rockstar Pink

For my thumb, I used a base of Sally Hansen's Black Heart, and then just like the ring finger, freehanded the pink peacock feathers with Sally Hansen's Hot Magenta and Celeb City. The Amaluna was done with White-Out.

All in all I really enjoy how this turned out, it came out exactly like I had imagined! This was one of those designs that I actually doodled first to make sure everything worked. For my right hand, not nearly as special, I just painted each finger with a China Glaze Cirque polish.

From left to right, Running In Circles, It's a Trap-eze, Water You Waiting For, Get Carried Away, and Def Defying for my thumb. You can find out more about them here

And on an ending note, my friends tend to make fun of the state of my hand as I'm painting, since apparently I prefer to use my hand instead of a kleenex. 

Oh, and just on more picture, this is the state of my table (I'm at my parents house) when I play nails. You'll notice the mess of things and that's The West Wing playing on my laptop.

Have you ever had a design that you first sketched out and then tackled it??? 

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