Friday, May 3, 2013

Return of the Nails!!

Alright, so that's a really lame title, but it's currently way part my bedtime and I could care less because I finally have enough time to come here again! Yes, no more cobwebs and lack of attention my poor little nail blog, I'M BACK, BABY!! 

Long story short; Real-life got really, really stupidly, insanely busy. I was doing an internship, I moved back home (from Vancouver to Montreal) for the Summer and now I have time to dedicate myself heart and nails to this blog again. And not only to updating, but to actually taking care of my nails.

I warn you now, the following picture might be a bit...gruesome, but there's a happy ending - hopefully!

On the left, the poor state of my nails for a while now. That's how busy I've been. Theatre life isn't a joke and when you're go-go-going you don't stop. Since it's such a hands-on thing too, nails are the first to suffer - especially mine, which are such weak little nubs. They try their best! But finally I could give myself a more than deserved manicure and start tending to my nubs re-growth.

After cutting and trimming and filing and taking care of my cuticles, I moisturized my nails and washed them really well before applying Revlon's Post Trauma Nail Treatment, which is my go-to base coat. I've recently gotten a BUNCH of Zoya Color Cutie Collection (aka Zoya Mini's) from Nail Polish Canada that I'm dying to show you, so since I couldn't wait I picked one of the lighter shades to work with, this one is called Blu

 Now can you believe it, this is just ONE coat. Such amazing coverage, the polish went on beautifully. Of course I couldn't just leave it at that, it was my first nail art in a while, I had to add some spunk if only really simply. I managed to pick up Me + Blue from OPI by Nicole, Justin Beiber collection for $0.99 (!!!!) along with 5 others at my local Shopper's Drug Mart. You can imagine how much my fingers were itching to play with that. I freehanded the tips and the accent nail.

And then, to add a little more glam, I finished it up with some silver striping tape and topped it off with 2 coats of Revlon's Quick Dry, which is my go-to top coat. (Fun story: I made my Mother go with me to 3 different stores to buy more because mine had run out, and even then I managed to grab the very last one!)

So there you have it, my slow comeback, as I begin my challenge of getting my poor little nubs back to their shining glory. Not to mention, to actually get a chance to share all the cool stuff I've managed to pick up, like my first ever OPI by Nicole polishes and my new set of Zoya minis.

Stay tuned for more to come! I'm excited. Are you excited?!

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