Sunday, March 24, 2013

Studded 80's Tetris Neon Nails!!

Hey folks!

So last night I went to an 80's themed party my University was throwing. It was super fun to see everyone dressed up and to get to dance to some classic stuff! Of couse, knowing that this was coming up, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to finally give this nail art a try! 

80's Tetris Neon!! When I was playing with studs, my best friend suggested I do a Tetris inspired look, which then made me think about the awesome look that The Nailasaurus did and I just know it was the perfect opportunity. What's more 80's than Tetris, right?! 

I was inspired by the colours of my dress/skirt, because they worked well together. For the yellow I used Sherbert Lemons by Hot Looks, the magenta pink is Hot Magenta from Sally Hansen, the lighter pink is Iced Mauve by Revlon and finally the orange is Crushed, also by Sally Hansen.

Since I only had 4 colours, I did an attempt at gradient for my thumb. All of the colours were 2 coats, except for Iced Mauve which was only 1.

Using clear polish, I then used a doting tool to pick up the studs and to place them on my nails. Easy as that! I realize now that the full line is maybe one stud too long, but oh well! I topped it all off with 2 coats of Revlon Quick Dry

I'm super in love with the nail art! I love the colours and how the whole thing came together. I got compliments all night because of it, first the colours would attract people and then they would be even more surprised to see that they were actually Tetris themed!!

Here's a picture of my roommate and I in all our 80's love. Her inspiration was Motley Crew, mine was more Preppy Girl. We had a lot of fun getting dressed, side pony tail anyone?! =P

It also sparked in me the idea of doing clothes inspired looks for my nails, see if I can't come up with some creative colour combinations based on my outfit of the day. We'll see! What are some of your favourite ways to get inspired?

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