Friday, September 5, 2014

100th Post + First Giveaway Goodies!!

Hello, hello!! Guess what, guys?! Today, on Polishing It Up 

It's the 100th post!!! 

Can you imagine?! A little under 2 years (barely too, my first post on this blog was Sept. 22nd, 2012) and I've finally reached 100 posts!! I know that for some people, that's not a lot, but I'm quite proud of this little milestone. Hopefully a lot more to come!! 

So, for today's commemorative post, I wanted to share with you guys the amazing giveaway prizes that I won from Candice of ConstantlyPolished!! Guys. I can't even begin to describe how many goodies there were in this box. I will have enough play things to last me another 100 posts!! 

Less talk, more look - yes?? 

(Warning: This post is picture heavy)

My eyes were HUGE when I saw the amount of stuff, this is like nail polish heaven!!

Finally unwrapped everything. I just sat there in awe!! 25 polishes (3 minis + the L.A Colors one)!! And look at all those accessories!! Here's a close up of all the items individually or in groups.

4 wonderful polishes from Orly; Sea Gurl, Berry Blast, Royal Velvet, Flirty Girl. 

Some more from Bonita, never heard of this brand before but look at how vibrant they are! I bet they're great for water marbling! These didn't have an individual name to them, unfortunately.

The two big ones are Teal the Tide Runs and Metro Pollen-Tin. Look at that mini Fairy Dust, guys!! It's so CUTE!! And a wonderful cuticle oil as well.

Next up is Orange You Pretty, Green Machine, A PIER-fect Day and the Claire's one doesn't have a name.

Starry Night by SC, Plumeria by SP and English Rose by Rimmel. 

I'm excited to try this gel on out, it's such a beautiful shade of purple. 

I love all these kits, SO SO MUCH!!!


I don't even know where to start with all of these. So. Many. Possibilities. 

And of course, couldn't leave the nail care behind, these awesome nail files - love that green one! And a clean up brush, I'm excited to try this on out! 

 And last but certainly not least, and the only item that I've had a chance to play with so far, Jenna Hipp's Essential Nail & Hand Cream. It's so. SO. great. I'm in love with it already. Plus it smells like heaven and my hands feel uber moisturized.

All in all, I just. I can't guys. I CAN'T EVEN. This is all too much, and I can't EVER thank Candice enough for all of these. I'll try to get swatches and reviews on these things up as soon as possible - BUT I've decided to go on the kamikaze mission of tackling the 31 Day Nail Challenge*.

Because what's better than an intense and crazy DAILY nail challenge after moving and unpacking my whole house?? Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha.... I may regret this, but I'm SO looking forward to it!!

*For more information on what exactly this is, for those who don't know, stay tuned for my next post!

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