Saturday, September 6, 2014

31 Day Challenge: Rules + Red!!

Am I crazy? Insane? Have a strong desire to do too much with too little time? All of the above!! Haha, I couldn't help myself this year - I just had to at least try to participate in this event, so I figure dI'd suck it up, even if I'm a few days late I would try my very best to complete this!!

Here's the complete list of all the themes for those who want to join in on the fun - it's not too late!!

Day 1 is Red, and since it's the first day I knew that I wanted to keep it simple, so instead of playing too much with decorations and stuff I played with polishes and textures.

I used Cranberry Splash by China Glaze, which I topped off with Revlon's Quick Dry. Then for the ring and thumb I used Pedra Granada by Risqué - which is naturally matte and then on top of that I used Zoya's Pixie Dust Chyna.

I'm quite pleased with the results all things considered, starting off slow and then seeing how I go from there. Next up, is Orange - stayed tuned for later today. (I'm a little behind so double-posting it is until I catch up, haha!) Click on the #31DC2014 tag to follow the rest of this challenge's posts.

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