Friday, December 6, 2013

Tutorial Edition: Candy Cane Nails

So a couple of people have been asking how I did the Candy Cane nails and I decided to do my very first tutorial! Hopefully this makes sense to everyone, alright, let's start;

Step 1: Paint your nail a base coat and let that dry.
In the mean time, start cutting your striping tape (I got mine from eBay, around $3)

Step 2: Using striping tape begin to tape off the sections you want to
preserve white. I usually like to start with one big piece down the middle and 
then work one side and then the other. This step kinda takes a while.

Step 3: Start with your first colour, paint every other strip.

Step 4: Once that's done, repeat the process with your other polish.

Step 4: Once you're done painting, quickly start pulling up the tape. Tweezers really help.

Step 6: Add some topcoat to seal it all in and you're done!

When doing just one coloured Candy Cane, just paint the whole nail and then remove the striping tape.
Hopefully that helped clear up some things! This was fun and I look forward to seeing your designs! 

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