Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Nail Art!!

Merry (late) Christmas everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday with family, friends and good food!! I ate way too much during these past 2 days, but it was wonderful and I loved every second of it. Christmas is one of my favourite times, and of course, my nails had to join in on the fun. 


We usually open presents on the 24th at my house, and I got this amazing Sally Hansen polish from my Mother that I had been eyeing for a while now. And when I was testing it out I was struck with inspiration.

Where do I even start? List of polishes I used are:

White - "It's All About the Glam" - Nicole by OPI
Dark Green - "Holly" - Zoya Holiday Collection
Wreath - "Running in Circles" - China Glaze
Tree - "Fuzzy Fantasy" - Sally Hansen
Red - "Chyna" - PixieDust by Zoya

- Wreath: 3 coats of All About the Glam, Running in Circles made with a dotting tool and rhinestones.

- Present: 2 coats of Holly with a Nail sticker I got from Dollarama.

- Tree: 2 coats of Holly, taped off the tree and added Fuzzy Fantasy, then added a sticker for the star and some rhinestones for the ornaments. So many layers, took forever to dry.

- Pinky & Thumb: Recycled this manicure and painted on 2 coats of Chyna

Topped everything off with Revlon's Quick Dry top coat to seal it all in very nicely. I got a new bottle for Christmas as well and isn't it the best thing ever the feeling of using new top coat?? 

And here's my rarely seen left hand. Not nearly as intrinsic, but festive all the same. I could probably have re-created the same designs on my left hand, they would have just taken forever!


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