Sunday, December 22, 2013

Inverted French Nail with Zoya's Dream

Like I promised last time, today's post is all about the polish that is currently sweeping me off my feet and carrying me away into the sunset; Dream by Zoya.

"Zoya Nail Polish in Dream (part of the Zenith Collection) can best be described 
as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter." - Zoya Website

There's no words to describe just how beautiful this polish is and I don't even think these pictures do it justice. It's so shiny and has so much depth to it - not to mention removal is a breeze!

I decided to showcase it with a white inverted french nail*, I used "It's All About the Glam" by Nicole By O.P.I and then added light blue rhinestones over it to make it look more festive. Top it all off with a few good coats of Revlon Quick Dry and voilá!

I really like how this came out, it still lets Dream be the main attraction, but it accents the color nicely.
You can buy Dream for $8 on or if you're Canadian.

*Is this the correct name for this type of nail art?

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