Friday, December 20, 2013

Red & Blue: A Merry Christmas to You!

We won't talk about how long it's been since I've posted - I'll sum it up with these 2 things: Finals and Broken Nails. Which, united, just make for sad Lili and not nearly enough time for playing with nail polish. Currently though, I'm at my Parent's house for the Holidays, so I try to sneak in some time here and there. Having places to go makes it an extra incentive to have sparkly nails! 

So we won't talk about my neglect for this blog, but we can talk about how in love I am with Zoya's Dream! I'll end up doing a nail art just with it, but I couldn't resist in adding it as a small accent to my current nails.


I've been wearing this red polish for a few days now, it's a beautiful red by Risqué called "Doce Orgulho" (Sweet Pride). While not nail art, I've been told it's a great holiday red, and I agree!

And as I mentioned previously, the blue is Zoya's "Dream" which is pretty much the most beautiful polish I've ever seen in my life and I want to marry it and run away with it. I added in a small snowflake sticker and a little blue rhinestone to give it an extra edge.  Not that it needs it, because really, just look at it. It's magnificent.

To keep with the Christmas spirit, I added a small tree on my thumb, again with a star sticker. I was really tempted to add more rhinestones to it as ornaments, but my Mother kept saying that "less is more" and well, Mother knows best...

Stay tuned for some Zoya Dream swatches and some cool nail art that I'll be doing with it!!

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