Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saint George - A England Polishes

So I've recently decided that it was more than enough time for me to lose my A England Polish virginity. I've been fawning over their colours for a while now and decided that I just had to have them.   You can buy them on-line from their website (linked above) or from any other on-line distributor as well, they're quite common.

I asked my friend Phyllis over at Beauty Base Zero which colour I just had to have, since I couldn't seem to make up my mind by myself. This was the most I've spent on one single bottle of polish yet, so I had to make sure it was worth every penny - and was it!

Knowing my love for the green shades, she recommended Saint George. 

And oh my. It was love at first sight!!

I've been staring at my nails all day and ravishing about it on Twitter. My Roommate even said I had to stop squeeing over my nails because it was creeping her out. Clearly she doesn't get it. But seriously.

The shimmer is so amazing and my pictures don't do justice to the colour. I find it's actually more of a greenish tinge than in the picture, almost lighter. Application was a breeze, this was 2 coats, but you could almost do it in one if you apply more liberally.

Of course I couldn't just leave it at that and had to add a little something-something.

I used Sally Hansen Golden-I and your regular masking tape for the details. Again, the pictures don't show it all that well, but I thought the golden  details looked really good with the original polish. 

Do you have any favourite A England polishes?? 

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  1. Oh, it looks fantastic with the gold! I will have to try something similar with my OPI GoldenEye. I haven't worn St. George in a while, maybe I ought to dig it out.