Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beauty UK - Swatches Post

So, like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I got a Nail Mail from one of my good friends, and - she knows me SO WELL - of course there was nail-polish in there!! So, this brand is called Beauty UK, I've personally never heard of them before, but they seem to have some really awesome stuff! 

My friend, again, knowing me oh-so-well, sent me 3 beautiful shades of green; Green #47, Sage Green #62 and Jade #76. So I've got some swatches for you guys! 

First off, is Green #47, I don't really know what my opinions on this was. The colour is nice and everything, but I feel like it's slightly opaque. This here was 3/4 coats, I don't really remember right now. But it gives me this "artificial" type of feeling in regards to it. Maybe it would be better layered over another green? The glitters in it are slightly blueish and yellowish and they're kinda thick.

Next, Sage Green #62, this is a beautiful swampy colour. And I know what you're thinking, since when is swampy considered pretty? Well, it's just a really calm shade, and could pair up pretty well with any other tone of green, or any darker polish. Personally I really liked it, it's very smooth, application was a breeze, this was 2 coats.

And the last one, is my personal favourite out of the bunch, Jade #76. I was amazed by the pigment in this polish, this is only ONE coat!! It's a beautiful jade/teal - almost a light blue it reminds me of. It's very suave and classy. I really enjoyed this one, it might become one of those colours that I won't mind having all my nails painted. Simple, but very pretty.

So that's it. I was pleasantly surprised in regards to these polishes, and am looking forward to some cool combinations that I can come up with. Besides, GREEN. You can never go wrong with green!! =]

~~ Stay tuned for the next Post where I do something really cool with these polishes!! ~~

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