Monday, August 4, 2014

Mani Monday: Pink & Gold Summer Shimmer!!

Today is Monday - albeit here in BC it's a holiday, so it feels more like a Sunday than anything else, haha, but! Since it is Monday and I promised to start posting more regularly, today's theme is Mani Monday and here's our new nail art for today!!

So today's nail art features the beautiful Rosa Incrível by Colorama which was last week's polish of the week - I think I've babbled on enough about how beautiful this polish is, especially when you add in gold!! There's just something about Pink and Gold that looks pretty great together.

The gold is Zoya's Pixie Dust Solange, hands down my favourite of all the Pixie Dusts out there. It's just such a beautiful polish and it captures Summer perfectly! I then added in some golden rhinestones and striping tape to add a little flair - all from BornPretty Store.

I finally got around to playing with some hexagon glitters! After lusting after Polish All The Nails' amazing art I finally decided to try some myself and I'm really, really happy with the results. It reminds me - obviously - of a bee hive, especially with the bright gold. I can't wait to play with some other schemes and colours.

Topped it all off with Revlon's Quick Dry and voilá! My Summery nails!! 

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