Sunday, February 14, 2016


Well isn't it a miracle?! Yes indeed, I am back, and I hope to have at least weekly manis up for you guys. Truth be told I've had the bug for a while but somehow it's taken me a while to get the ball rolling. BUT, nothing like an awesome movie to make you come out of it again! 

So! Here's the mani that I was inspired to do as I'm going to be watching Deadpool tonight (Valentine's Day Date) with my boyfriend. We were talking about it the other day and I made a SkullPoopL joke and realized it would be the perfect mani! For those confused about the SkullPoopL thing, here's a funny article explaining the brilliance behind all of Deadpool's marketing.

So, the polishes I used for this mani were:

Red - China Glaze's Cranberry Blast
Black - NYC's Black Lace Creme
Shiny Black - Zoya's Storm 
White - NYC's French White Tip
Top Coat - Revlon's Quick Dry
Matte Top Coat - Essie's Matte About You
Details - Black, White and Brown Acrylic Paint

I started off with a coat of each and the painstakingly tried to imitate the emojis. It's very hard to draw a skull, lemme tell you, I didn't like my first one so I re-did it and this one turned out much better I think. All in all, I'm quite pleased with it. Especially the Deadpool Logo!! That one turned out great.

So, a Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrate it, if not, let's just all go watch Deadpool together because it's bound to be AWESOME!! Until then, I'll leave you with #SkullPoopL!! 

See you next time!

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