Thursday, March 26, 2015

Swatches: Colorama & Risqué Brazil 2015

Swatches!! Finally got around to doing this, lemme tell you, props to all of you gals who swatch full time because it is lot of work to get nice coverage, shiny and all that jazz. But I did it over a weekend and am quite happy with the results! Here are all the colours I picked up/was gifted while on my trip to Brazil. They're mostly pinks and red and one beautiful blue. Let's get to it!!

First up is Colorama's Grande Atenção, which is a beautiful creamy peach colour that goes on perfectly. This is 2 to 3 coats. I love what a wonderful combination of peach and salmon this is. Definitely a perfect summer colour!

Next is another one from Colorama, 40 Graus which is my bet for the go-to colour of the Summer. It's a bright beautiful orangey-red that also glides on perfectly in 2 to 3 coats.

Now from the Risqué is probably my favourite colour out of the bunch, Malícia. This is a hot pink creme and my favourite part about it? I have a lipstick that matches it perfectly! Haha, but it really is flawless, it's very close to red.

Next up is Risqué's Maçã do Amor, which has always been one of my favourite dark reds. This kind of red is my absolute hands-down red. I love the dark rich colour and the beautiful finish to it. This is also 2 to 3 coats. 

And last but not least in this sea of red, haha, is Risqué's Azul Hortênsia. It's an interesting shade, not my usual blue but I just thought it was going to be this Summer's colour and I just had to get my hands or....nails on it!! It went on flawlessly as per Risqué quality.

All in all I love these new colours and I can't wait to try them once Summer is finally here. Yay for all the pinks and red (and blue!) of the season!! These were all topped off with NYC's Long Wearing.

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