Friday, March 27, 2015

31DC2014 - Galaxy Nails!!

GALAXY NAILS TIME!! I forgot how absolutely easy it is to do Galaxy nails and how wonderful the end result is!! LOOK AT THAT TINY GALAXY ON MY FINGERS. I love, love, love it!! Now onto what I did to make these pretties!! Since yeah, they technically count for my 31DC2014 Challenge. And yes, I got excited with the amount of pictures, haha.

Black: Zoya - Storm
Blue: Zoya - Dream
Purple: LA Girl 3D Effect - Purple Effect
Orange: Cover Girl - Flamed Out 
Green: China Glaze - Defying Gravity
Grey: Revlon - Timeless
Sparkly top coat of love: China Glaze - Fairy Dust
Seche Vite - Quick Dry Top Coat

The trick to this is to sponge, sponge, sponge!! I used a fine tip brush for the "stars".

Close ups are my new fav thing!! MACRO ALL THE THINGS.

And yes, that is a little enterprise that I added in there. EMBRACE YOUR INNER GEEK. 

This has reminded me that I really should do these more often, easy to do and beautiful results! Not to mention, look at how much I've improved since my first ever Galaxy Mani. Awww, look at those little nubs! Look at that bad cell phone quality and awww, look at that terrible cuticle cleanup job. Ah, you live and learn and grow. Ain't life great like that? Lawls.

See you guys next post for some more swatches galore!

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