Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Fun: Water-Marbling Edition!!

I feel like it's crucial to start this post off by stating how much I. Hate. Watermabling. After my one successful attempt, I've stayed away from it, but I was inspired and well... I spent a ridiculous amount of time on these and while I should have probably given up, I had a sketch and boy was I stubborn to make them!! So let's see what took to make these;

The beautiful pink is Rosa Incrível by Colorama, I did two coats of it, but you could probably get away with only one if it was thick enough. The golden studs are from BornPretty store, attached them with some Revlon's Quick Dry.

And then, the fatted water-marbling, that took infinite time, but turned out pretty well in the end. The pink Momento Penelope by Brazilian brand Risqué, the orange is Zum-zum-zum by Colorama and the green is Sage Green by Beauty UK.

Lesson number one in regards to water-marbling, it's all about finding the right type of polish. That's what most of my time was spent doing,  dotting here and there, trying to find the perfect consistency in the colours I wanted. I ended that with some dots in the Rosa Incrível and then Zoya's Pixie Dust Solange to highlight it a bit.

Topped it all off with Revlon's Quick Dry.

Despite everything, I'm really happy with the results. It's nice when you work hard on something and the results come together! I have decided though, that as a side-project for whenever I have time is to go through my polish collection and try to find the best one's for Watermarbling. Maybe then I'd have less of a hate and more of a love relationship with it.

Do you have any watermarblings secrets??

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  1. Get over here and do this to my nails now! I would not have the patience to do anything like this!