Thursday, March 13, 2014

Swatching Sticks: Can You Paint With all the Colours of Nail Polish??

Remember how I had mentioned that I got some swatching sticks online and finally got around to going through my whole polish collection?? Well, behold all the colours of the polish!! This is my entire nail polish collection through colours. There's 125 of them. And boy was that 100 more than I even thought I would have, haha. But they're all so pretty!!

For those who don't already have this, I REALLY recommend buying swatching sticks (I got mine from E-bay, 50 for $2.50, I had to buy 3) or even making your own like Very Emily did. I tried this first but I like the little metal rod you can keep them in.

They're great to see how the polish looks like on the nail, to compare dupes, not to mention, if really helps when you're trying to decide which colours work together. Plus it's a nice and nifty way to keep track of all your polishes. Yes, it does take a while to swatch all of them. I went through a few Community Seasons while I was doing mine, waiting for them to dry and then writing the brand and name with a projector pen. So worth it in the end though!!

The camera didn't manage to capture the colours 100% correct, but you can get a glimpse of the range between them, so I figured it worked pretty well this way too. Alright, let's take a look, shall we??

Whites: Clearly not my strongest colour base, but then again, how many whites does one need?

 Pinks: Fun fact? I don't even really like pink all that much...Clearly my subconscious does.

 Reds: My notion of red is clearly a strong, dark kind of red, like blood. 

Oranges: Again, I'm surprised at how many of this shade I actually own. It's orange after all. 

 Yellows: Half of these are actually gold, but I really love yellow. 

Greens: Ahhh, my favourite colour!! Surprisingly don't own more. I guess green is hard to wear.

Turquoise: Not that many because these are mostly in between green and blue to me... 

 Blues: Apparently I like blue. Then again, it's such a flexible colour so I'm not surprised. 

Purples: Now here's the surprise, purple wins eh? Did not see that coming. I guess like blue there are a lot of shades to it and it's a more classical colour to wear. 

 Darker Shades: Brown, black, silver and some shimmery. I'm not that into dark colours.

Glitters Part 1: It goes from Fairy Dust to Fuzzy Fantasies... 

 Glitter Part 2: From fine and not so dense glitters...

 Glitters Part 3: To the really thick ones that can be used by themselves. 

Textured: There's Pixie Dust and Liquid Sand, I'm in love with these ones. Need to add more!!

Specials: Finally, there's 2 magnetic ones, crackle, changes colours in the heat and glow in the dark, these are my "special" ones that give nail arts a unique look. 

And finally, here they all are together. 125 polish colours. I'm quite proud of my little collection and love just staring at the colours! It really does make life more practical, plus it's great when people ask to look at my collection and I just present them this, hehe. 

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