Sunday, March 9, 2014

Simple Floral Stamp and Glitter

Hey look, an actual post!! I promised they were slowing going to start coming and here they are. I think I mentioned in my previous post how I got some nail mail recently and among them was my new SUPER SQUISHY stamper! I've dubbed it the SS stamper because that's what it is and it works wonderfully!!

I was feeling kinda blah about nail art lately, especially since my old stamper wasn't working properly, so this morning I decided to finally test the new one out and I fell in love!! I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze Cranberry's Splash and then stamped my ring and thumb nails using BK Matte White and BM-201. I dabbed on some gold polish with Art Club Gold Striper.

Stamping was so beautiful it took a lot of restraint not to stamp all my nails, but I wanted a mix match feel to it, so I added Sally Hansen's Strobe Light on my middle finger and China Glaze Fairy Dust on my index and pinky. Topped it all off with Revlon's Quick Dry to seal it in nicely.

I really love how such a simple stamp can liven up any old polish and I'm foreseeing a lot of stamping in my nail future - maybe I'll finally master the stamp decal method?? 

And the reason I ordered a new stamper was because my old one just wasn't picking up images that well anymore and it made it really sad whenever I wanted to experiment and it just didn't work. Yay for SUPER SQUISHY new stamper to the rescue!!

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