Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jan Nail Art Challenge: Holo with Fuzzy Accent

Hey guys, today's post was supposed to be a Weekly Quickly, but I wanted to share this really cool Nail Art challenge that I'm doing on Instagram (follow me there, I'm liliofthevaley). I've always wanted to do a monthly Nail Art challenge like I see happening here every once in a while, but sometimes I have no time to do new nail art every day . So I'm really glad when I came across this one!! 

Today's nail art I'm actually late to posting it on here, but it's FRESH and I decided to go with this mix of holographic with a very simple accent nail. Very basic, very fresh. 

Holographic: BornPretty "Holo Polish Color 7"
Accent: Sally Hansen "Fuzzy Fantasy"
Top Coat: Revlon "Quick Dry"

Can we just talk about how amazing Holo polishes are?? I can't get over how pretty they are, look at all that shiny light bouncing.

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