Thursday, October 31, 2013

Swirl Patterns: Black, Silver & Gold

Hello everyone!

Today's nails are inspired by a theatre show that I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's been taking over my life, ergo why I sadly have less time for nails. But it does serve as good inspiration!

Swirl Nails! The play I'm working on is called Ubu Cocu from Alfred Jarry, if you were to google it, swirls would be some of the first things you would find. Since as a Stage Manager, my dress code is all blacks, I figured I could get some creative inspiration on my nails!

My source for inspiration were the pants of the main character, Ubu. The base is one of my favourites Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer", which is a dark shimmery grey/black. Then, with a dotting tool, I added in the gold with Zoya Solange and OPI's Solitaire for the silver.

I really liked the added detail of the textured spirals, it gave it a neat look and feel to the nail art. I did end up putting one coat of Revlon's Quick Dry top coat, the liquid sand/pixie polishes soaked it all up so it was still slightly textured only shinier. 

I also did my ASMs nails, using Sinful Colors and Zoya. (Sorry for the flash)

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