Saturday, October 19, 2013

Red & Black Silver Chain!!

So it's been a while and not only have my updates been lacking, but also my nails. Kinda. They've been sprouting the same old red lately, while it's a nice red it's still just red. But I got some cool nail mail lately so I decided to play with them.

The base for this is one of my favourite reds, I discovered it from my Brazilian nail polish stash and I fell in love with this beautiful creme, it's called Cyber from Risqué.

I accented that with Sinful Colours's Secret Admirer, which is one of my favourite black/grey sparkle polish. I bought it on a whim last year and I fell in love with it!

And then, to add an even more bling to it, I got some Silver Beads Chains from Born Pretty and added that, topping it off with Revlon's Quick Dry and voilá! A classic, yet edgy nail art!

I love accessories that add a special twist to what is normally a basic nail design. But then again, I'm terrible at not picking at them, as you can see in this picture that ended up rather artsy so I liked it.

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