Friday, April 3, 2015

Watermarbling Neon Rainbow!!!

HAPPY EASTER FRIDAY!! And with Easter Friday comes COLOURS AND COLOURS MEANS RAINBOWS AND WHAT IS BETTER THAN RAINBOWS THAN WATERMARBLING RAINBOW!?!?! I don't apologize for the caps lock, that's how excited this mani below makes. IT WORKED GUYS I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK. *cries happy tears*

Look at the marble BEAUTIFULNESS!! Akasjdakldjaslkdjals. I can't. IT WORKED AND I AM SO PROUD AND GAH. Watermarbling is still a love/hate BUT WHEN IT WORKS IT WORKS. I have Pipe Dream Polish's A Night In Vegas Collection to thank for this amazing watermarbling. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just click on the link and you will be brought into a WHOLE NEW WORLD. April's currently out of stock of ANIVC but details are up on her website and all I can say IS DO IT DO IT SO WORTH IT LOOK AT THE PRETTY.

Okay, less talk now and just a lot of pictures of RAINBOW.

Paint your nails with a white base to get the colours to really pop, I used my go-to Ivory Skull by Sally Hansen. Then you pray to the Watermarbling Gods and DO IT. I put tape around my fingers and cleanup was actually pretty easy.

I used V.I.P. Pass (purple), On the List (pink), All In (blue), Light of Day (yellow) and High Roller (green) from ANIVC.

It took me a while because I realized that doing each nail individually would get better results.

Topped it all off with China Glaze's Fairy Dust because it just add the perfect amount of SHINY to this mani. Yes, it's hands down my favourite mani I've ever done and I'm so proud and lemme tell you EVERYONE NOTICES when your nails are rainbow neon Goddess.
SO, Happy Weekend everyone and a wonderful EASTER FRIDAY!! =D

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